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This article is a work in progress as information is gathered. All information is provided and verified directly by Chew herself.

Olivia Bednar[1] (born December 12th, 2001[2], commonly referred to by her online nickname of Chew, is a software developer. Her pronouns are she/her[3]

Personal Life

Chew was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and lived there until moving to Arlington, Texas, in 2007, where she lives now. She went to elementary school until 5th grade, where she was bullied quite a bit in her later years, resulting in her switching to a charter school for 6th-8th grades. There, she met many friends, two of which she still talks to today.

Throughout high school, she would mostly sit to her own self and not make many new acquaintances. She would end up meeting a nonbinary friend in 11th grade, and they still talk to this day. She would also meet a group of people to work on Memerator with, but communications have been very little, resulting in the relationship, and consequently Memerator, not being active.

Gender Identity

Around late-2015, when she was in 8th grade, was around this time she began questioning her gender identity. She would begin calling herself Olivia only online. Going into 9th and 10th grade, the thoughts of potentially being transgender and the dysphoria with it became nearly unbearable. She would eventually come out to her dad, to mixed/unhelpful reception, but he would begin taking her to therapy. Around two months later, she would come out to her mom as well.

Her therapist would soon refer her to more specialized therapists, which her parents promptly shrugged off and took her to a closer, less beneficial one instead. Unsurprisingly, the new therapist did not help her much with discovering her gender identity. It was because of this and the lack of support from her parents, and the overwhelming dysphoria, that caused Chew severe depression that lasted nearly all of her 11th grade year, even resulting in an incident of self harm.

Her depression and dysphoria finally started to subside going into her senior year of high school in fall of 2019. Throughout the first semester, her school would put on "spirit days" where you could dress up with specific styles, like "Pink Out" or "Space Day." Chew would sneak in feminine clothes to school under the guise of it just being a "spirit day."

In January 2022, Chew was told about a service to help provide HRT. She ended up signing up and getting on a waiting list, which she would finally get off in May of 2022. She scheduled an appointment for May 10th, and the doctor prescribed her the necessary medications for HRT. She has since been on it, with a few dose changes.

Her parents, throughout all of her transition, and still to this day, are mostly unsupportive. Her dad frequently deadnames her, but her mom is at least showing some signs of trying. Chew has been more relaxed with "hiding" her femininity, her closet now full of dresses and other feminine items.

Online Presence

Chew's online presence can be dated back to as early as 2013. Her first tweet was to @ExplodingTNT, asking about a gift code.[4]. She was extremely active for the following years.


Chew has been in several romantic relationships, and is currently dating mja00 since September 22nd, 2021. She has numerous friends, but most commonly talks in the Rory & Lorelai Fanclub and considers most of the active people there friends.


Main Article: Chew-Mart Relationship

Mja00, often referred to by his username mja00, is Chew's current long-distance boyfriend, and her only romantic partner. Their communications started back in May of 2020. Chew's attraction to Mart grew slowly over time. After a little while, Mart finally asked her out on September 22nd, 2021, to which Chew accepted.