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Rory is a Caliby cat and is owned by Chew. She was adopted on July 26th, 2019. Her date of birth (and subsequently age) are unknown, however she was predicted to be 6 years old around her adoption date.

A picture of Rory sleeping


Rory is very docile. She is fine being petted, and loved being scratched. She rarely makes any noises, other than getting your attention for food. She is fine being around Lorelai and has been seen cleaning her at times. One of her favorite hiding spots is a cardboard train to hide in with a cardboard ground to scratch her claws. She loves hanging out with people, or just being alone as needed. Her favorite spots vary often but you'll most likely find her sleeping.

Adoption Day

Rory at the shelter pre-adoption.

Rory was adopted on Friday, July 26th, 2019 from a local animal rescue center. This was at the end of a week-long "clear the shelter" week, where adoption of any pet was free of charge. Chew's goal was to adopt an older cat, and Rory was that. She was adopted and brought to her new home. She was initially fed MeowMix as that was what the previous owners had fed her. She was given a bowl for water and food, and some toys were purchased as well.

First Vet Visit

Rory visited the vet shortly after her adoption to ensure she was healthy. There, the vet offered shots to help with her scratching and sneezing (that she did quite a lot), and the vet confirmed the estimate of her age to be anywhere from 1 year to 7 years old, and her diet was suggested to be changed.

Missing Rory Incidents

Rory has sometimes gone missing, however, usually she was sleeping in a new spot or had gone outside (we have now dubbed "Walkabouts"). Rory seems to be loyal, not straying too far away from the house if she happens to go outside.

First Hide

Rory was unable to be found for a reasonable amount of time, so she was presumed lost until a full house search went underway. She was eventually found to be hiding under a bed, and this has been added to the initial location for subsequent missing Rory searches.

Walkabout 1

On a Tuesday or Thursday, Rory was unable to be found anywhere in the house, so she was presumed lost. Chew had class to attend (online), so priorities were quickly changed to leave class to find her. Luckily, she was simply outside behind the bushes. She was rushed inside and cleaned off.

Walkabout 2

Rory had once again managed to escape the house (in the front of the house). She was left outside for approximately 3 hours until the family returned to find her sitting outside (the backyard) waiting to be let back in.

Rory In A Tree

On December 22nd, Rory went missing. Her last known location was Chew's room. The entire house was searched, but Rory was nowhere to be found. It was eventually discovered the door was left open, and Rory was outside. After searching around the neighborhood a bit, hope seemed lost. Eventually, a meow (more a cry for help) was heard from outside. The source was quickly discovered: Rory was in a tree in a neighbor's yard. The branch was about 8 feet up. She climbed it due to what was assumed to be the neighbor's dogs. While Rory was able to climb the tree easily, she could not get down! Chew had to get a ladder to go collect her and bring her into the house.

Rory Simps

Chew's arrival to the PaperMC Discord server came with one bonus thing: her cat. As with any cat, she quickly gained a following and many users flocked to her, now rebranded, Discord server. Channels were created for images of Rory and appreciation of how wonderful of a cat she is.

In addition to the simping, a website was dedicated to her, A partial clone of, but for only pictures of Rory. Any new images of Rory posted to #rory-images on her Discord server are automatically uploaded to the site and can be accessed with Chewbotcca's %^rory command.


There have been several events to celebrate Rory over the years. Below are the notable examples.

International Rory Day

International Rory celebrates the day Rory was adopted (also known as Rory "gotcha" day) and is celebrated every year on July 26th.

12 Days of Rorymas

Between December 12th, 2022 and December 24th, 2022, the 12 days of Rorymas are to be celebrated. A new Rory image will be posted to every day between these dates.

Cultural Influence

Rory has appeared in several places due to her fame.

Prism Launcher

A screenshot of a Prism Launcher instance with Rory as the cat
A screenshot of a Prism Launcher instance with Rory as the cat

Prism Launcher is a 3rd party Minecraft launcher, and a fork of MultiMC. On the main menu, there is an option to show a cat. There was suggestion to add a new cat, and Rory was decided. Someone drew Rory, and it made its way into the launcher as an option.


In 2021, starting with April Fools, Rory was an icon in the server. There was a dedicated #rory-appreciation channel that mimicked the Rory Fanclub's. However, after a few months, it became a generic pet channel. Most references to Rory have been removed, however, 2 rory emoji remain.

Discord Bots

Due to the API, several Discord bots have incorporated a Rory command. A non-exhaustive list of popular bots are below: