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TransmuteIt is a Spigot plugin written primarily by Chew and is heavily inspired by the mod ProjectE.[1]

Inspiration from ProjectE

Because the plugin is limited to the extent of the Bukkit API, it is not a full clone of the ProjectE mod. Instead, it aims to mimic the mod's "transmutation" and "EMC" portion, which is what it's mostly known for.

Parts of the plugin utilize the mod's data as well. The plugin's default EMC values are pulled from ProjectE as well.[2] More recently, the code used to handle enchantment calculation into the EMC value was added.[3]


Since the Bukkit API does not easily support custom blocks, GUIs, items, among other things, some compromises are made. For instance, most item retrieval is done via commands instead of the mod's transmutation table or tablet.

Instead of each item having an appended lore with the EMC value of the item, it must be shown instead via /getemc.[4]