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This article covers the bot for the Rory Fanclub Discord Server. For the IRC service the name is based on, see ChanServ on Wikipedia

ChanServ is a Discord bot for the Rory Fanclub Discord server. Its code is open source on GitHub, and is programmed primarily by Chew.


ChanServ is the main moderation and only admin bot on the server. Its commands, much like the server, are inspired by IRC. It utilizes slash commands, which means you run commands by typing / and all of the commands will show up. The slash command behavior is not unlike IRC; however, there are suggestions, which aren't present in most IRC clients.


ChanServ's commands are primarily based on IRC, in terms of arguments, command name, and permissions.

ChanServ commands
Command Minimum Role Permissions
/admin [user] Owner Marks a user as admin (+a).
/halfop [user] Op Marks a user as half-op (+h).
/kick [user] (reason) Half-op Kicks a user from the server with an optional specified reason.
/mode [user] [mode] Admin Changes a specified user's modes.
/op [user] Admin Marks a user as op (+o).
/owner [user] Oper Marks a user as owner (+q).
/quote (user) Any Returns a random quote, or a specific user's quote if specified.
/randomcolor Any Allows a user to change their role color. It has a cooldown of 1 hour.
/rank Any Much like /umode, but only shows your highest rank.
/reason [case] [reason] Half-op Changes the reason for a specific Audit Log entry.
/shutdown Owner Shuts down the bot.
/topic [new topic] Half-op Changes a channel's topic.
/umode Any Returns a list of your "user modes."
/uwustats Any Gathers the leaderboard of "uwus" in the #uwu channel.
/voice [user] Half-op Marks a user as voiced (+v).


ChanServ initially started as a bot written in Ruby using the discordrb API library and was initially private.[1] It was left private because the code contained the bot token.[2]

It was made public and was re-written in Java on September 29th, 2020.[3]


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