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This article covers the original, initial version of the modern Chewbotcca Discord Bot bot.

Chewbotcca for Discord (Legacy) was the first iteration of the Chewbotcca Discord bot. It was written in Ruby using the discordrb library.[1] Its last commit was December 15th, 2018.[2] It was archived sometime after that.


Chewbotcca was a Discord bot written by Chew. Its initial commit was July 2nd, 2016.[3] It originally used to exist on Chew's personal account[4], until it migrated sometime after that. It was originally a bot for the GotPvP Discord server, as one of its initial commands refers to the staff members of the GotPvP Minecraft and Discord servers.[5]

The bot didn't become independent until July 6th, 2016 where the bot was rewritten with no references to GotPvP.[6] It was added to a bot list 9 days later on July 15th, 2016.[7]

During Chew's inactivity from Discord, the bot was marked as abandoned on October 6th, 2017, but was still accepting contributions.[8] It suggested users contribute or use the more active ChewbotccaIRC instead. Despite this, commits were still made throughout the project's "abandoned" state quite regularly. As a result, it was turned into an ad for ChewbotccaIRC instead 8 days later on October 14th, 2017.[9] The project was considered mostly inactive, only receiving 17 commits between October 14th, 2017 and March 13th, 2018.[10]

Chew's inactivity appeared to end on March 13th, 2018, where 9 commits occurred on the same day.[10] Additionally, at least one commit a day was performed between here and April 2nd, 2018, totaling over 100 commits within the 20-day span.[11] Commits continues stagnantly throughout April but stopped abruptly as there were no commits in May of 2018.[12] 51 more commits were performed throughout June through August of that year[13] before taking yet another hiatus, this time two months: September and October 2018[14] The bot received two more days of activity, November 13th, 2018 and December 15th, 2018[15] before its final commit was made.