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MLB Game Feed Bot is a Discord bot developed by Chew and is used to hook into the MLB (Major League Baseball) API and track live game data, much like the MLB's Gameday. It is written in JDA, a Java Discord library. As of July 10th, 2024, it is in over 1,100 servers.


The bot allows you to start a live game and have the plays come in when they're posted to the endpoint. By default, in-play events have a 13 second delay, and plays that don't (strikeouts, walks, etc) have a 18 second delay. This can be configured per channel, as desired. These times were chosen as they closely line up with the play happening live on TV, to prevent spoilers. Watching a game in-person, there is a few second delay before the result is posted to the API.


The bot communicates solely though slash commands. There are 7 commands, 4 of which manage or monitors games.[1]

Games can be started with the /startgame or /plangame to plan future games. Once a game is active, /score can be used to view the score, and /stopgame can forcibly stop the game; however, the game will stop automatically when it's over.

The bot can be configured per-channel with the /config command. And the /setinfo command can be used to set a voice channel's name to certain stats. Finally, /standings can be used to view standings for a provided division.


The bot started off inspired by the MLB Chat Discord server's own bot. Chew began development on June 16th, 2022[2], but the first code was committed the following day on June 17th, 2022[3]. Throughout the rest of the month, fixes and improvements were slowly made. The bot was added to a Texas Rangers fan Discord server.

At the start of the 2023 season, the bot was in 79 servers; at the end of the season, it was in nearly 600 servers.

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