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MemeratorMC is the current of 5 iterations of ChewCraft, Chew's Minecraft server. It has been rebranded to MemeratorMC as of late 2019 and remains named as such. While technically in ownership of Memerator, Chew maintains full control.

Due to its extensive history, this article will be a work-in-progress as data is retrieved from deep archives. It's unlikely everything will ever be fully recovered, from memory or on the internet. On the same note, most of the data here come from 1st party accounts with no reference or otherwise evidence to prove its existence.


MemeratorMC is an SMP Minecraft server designed for all Memerator users and not to enjoy.

While being relatively simple, containing not much other than survival, it does include a Plot world and several plugins. These include mcMMO, Geyser (for Bedrock support), and Chew's own plugin, TransmuteIt.

Memerator allows integration with Minecraft, which can be done by obtaining a link code on the integrations settings page and running the command in-game.


MemeratorMC is home to various different game-modes. However, some are no longer active but are still documented for historical purposes.


MemeratorMC has always had a survival server. It's a simple, ordinary survival server. Throughout most of its course, it almost always had mcMMO, and later on, the TARDIS plugin.


MemeratorMC briefly offered a Skyblock server. The server had additional game modes, notably SkyGrid, OneBlock, and CaveBlock.[1]

The server may have started on March 31st, 2020, as MemeratorMC itself was relatively active due to the school the Memerator team and users primarily attended closing indefinitely due to wikipedia:COVID-19. This date is based on the creation date of the now titled #inactive-mc-skyblock channel on Discord. The server was shut down on approximately May 16th, 2020 due to inactivity.


Cubed Survival was a game mode that ran from roughly March 2017 to July 2018. It was a unique game mode, where users were put into a "cube" of resources. More specifically, a 510x510 area consisting of numerous resources, as well as air on the top for building, all surrounded by a bedrock border then built-in World Border.

Above y=200, there were about 50 blocks of air, and above that, 5 blocks of barrier blocks.

For 10 blocks (from y=190 to y=200), known as the top layer, were 10 blocks of logs. There was also 4% of dirt mixed in.

The layers below y=190 were as follows:

Layers on Cubed Survival[2]
Layer Diamond Ore Obsidian Lava Gold Ore Emerald Ore Emerald Block Stone Iron Ore Redstone Ore Lapis Ore Coal Ore Gravel
y=80-189 0% 0% 0% 0% 25% 0% 71.75% 12% 0% 0% 12% 1%
y=17-79 0% 0% 0% 10% 50% 0% 68.5% 8% 0% 0% 8% 2%
y=1-16 3% 10% 0.7% 7% 2% 0.1% 74.1% 2% 1% 1% 2% 5%

Emeralds were the main currency of the server.[3] This was based on Wynncraft, whose currency is also Emeralds. Cubed also had a trading system, where users could trade items for or with Emeralds. A list of the trades available was on the Cubed website.

The server also had Slimefun, which required levels and XP to unlock unique items. It also had mcMMO and the TARDIS plugin as well.

Spawn consisted of 4 main areas: the trading area, an animal farm, the portals (where the server had to collectively use their emeralds to buy portal shards, which were used to build the portal), and a secret TARDIS area, where users could buy pre-built TARDIS seeds.

Near the end of its life, as users stopped playing, RaineChan (at the time, AvaLeKitten) forcefully gave themselves admin and began abusing the powers. At the very end, blowing up an entire corner with TNT. This abuse of power effectively scared everyone else off, leaving the server effectively abandoned. With no players, and thus no reason to keep it open, the server was shut down.


MemeratorMC has had numerous iterations over its lifespan. Initially starting as ChewCraft, it has progressed into CloudCityMC, RileyCraft, CloudCityMC (again), until finally arriving at MemeratorMC.

ChewCraft 1.0

On October 2nd, 2013, the initial revision of ChewCraft starts.[4]. It was hosted by Mooshroom Hosting. After a rogue command crashes and corrupts the server, it is forced to shut down on November 9th, 2013, and move to a new home. No files from this era exist.

ChewCraft 2.0

The following day, November 10th, 2013, ChewCraft starts back up again using the, at the time, the newer hosting company MCProHosting.[4] Because MemeratorMC is still hosted with MCProHosting, even today, files from this era still exist today, even on the same server.

Work was done immediately in the main world. A small spawn was created, completely out of stone brick. The world this was made in eventually became a massive playground used even today. Chew's Quora answer details a fly-through of parts of it.

There is not much known about this era, other than it was suspended on January 19th, 2015[4], due to a lack of funds and players.

RileyCraft 1.0

During this downtime, RileyCraft came to be. It's unknown when it initially started, but a forum post suggests it existed as early as May 23rd, 2015, though the following events would imply it was around much earlier.

It is unknown how Riley and Chew met, but Riley also wanted to start a server.

ChewCraft 3.0

Seven months later, on August 16th, 2015, MCProHosting announced they are giving away 10 free-for-life Dragon (modern: Enderman) Plans.[5] Chew entered this contest and ended up winning on August 24th, 2015.[6] This is still the same server used today. It is very likely that, had it not been for this, much of ChewCraft's history would not exist.

A majority of ChewCraft's history was retained on GitHub on the now archived ChewCraft/SMP repository.

One month after the free server was awarded, on September 14th, 2015, the first release of ChewCraft was posted to GitHub.[7] It was dubbed "The 1.8 Update" and introduced several new worlds as well as various improvements around the server.

ChewCraft 3.1

On September 15th, 2015, one day after ChewCraft 3.0 was released, ChewCraft 3.1 was released.[8] It was dubbed "The Animal Farm Update" as the entirety of the update pertained to re-doing the animal farm that was available at spawn. Additionally, some warps were added, and a link to the news page was added.

ChewCraft 3.2

On September 19th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.2, dubbed "The Mob Arena Update", was released.[9]. At the time, the MobArena plugin] was not used. It was a simple area to spawn and kill mobs, and to sell loot for money.

This update primarily focused on the MobArena improvements, including adding a warp to it. Although, several improvements were made as well.

ChewCraft 3.3

On October 4th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.3 was released, dubbed "The Spawn Update".[10]. As the name implies, the spawn was updated. Additionally, the Slimefun plugin was added.

ChewCraft 3.4

On October 14th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.4 was released, dubbed "The Halloween Update".[11]. The spawn was updated to reflect the upcoming holiday, but nothing else was mentioned.

ChewCraft 3.4.1

On November 2nd, 2015, ChewCraft 3.4.1 was released, dubbed "A Bug Fixing Update".[12]. It was the first-ever dot release of a specific release, despite containing more content than its parent update. Unlike the title implies, no bugs were indicated to have been fixed.

In this update, the jack-o-lanterns at spawn were converted to Sea Lanterns as the holiday had passed. A voting link for the site was added, which likely remains to this day. Finally, a scoreboard was added to the sidebar, and a fix for the staff menu was started.

ChewCraft 3.5

On November 9th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.5 was released, also dubbed "A Bug Fixing Update".[13]. Much like the prior update of the same name, no bugs were recorded to have been fixed. The name was likely a typo.

In the update, a PvPArena plugin was added. An existing arena was converted into utilizing this plugin. This plugin remains on the current iteration of the server but is currently unused. Additionally, a plugin was added that made fireworks appear for new users.

ChewCraft 3.6

On November 20th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.6 was released, dubbed "The Minigame Update".[14]. This update primarily focused on new Minigames and GUI improvements.

Three new minigames were added: Spleef, Skyblock, and Parkour. These were all controlled by respective plugins. Spleef only had one arena. Skyblock's control panel was not functional. Parkour appeared to have revamped old parkour maps created by users into utilizing the plugin, which supported checkpoints.

Several improvements were made to in-game GUI menus. Many things were added to the main page, and new pages were added with content, such as the Minigame menu to select the aforementioned minigames, and a Time-Lord menu for time-lords to manage their TARDIS. Additionally, several commands were added to access these menus.

ChewCraft 3.7

On November 24th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.7 was released, dubbed "The Plots Update".[15]. As the name implies, plots were added in this update, as well as various exploit and misc bug fixes.

ChewCraft 3.8

On December 5th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.8 was released, dubbed "The Start of Something Big" update.[16]. This update only contained improvements to plots and a menu. The scoreboard was also removed.

ChewCraft 3.9

On December 29th, 2015, ChewCraft 3.9 was released, dubbed "The Cosmetics Update".[17]. As the name implies, Cosmetics were added, as well as several other things.

The highlight of the update was a new cosmetics plugin, based on Mineplex's cosmetic system. Improvements were made to the GUIs, including a new Rules and Builders menu. Finally, the jail at spawn was opened to the public.

ChewCraft 3.11

On March 25th, 2016, ChewCraft 3.11 was released, dubbed "The 1.9 Update".[18]. This was one of the first major updates to ChewCraft and the longest delay between any two specific updates.

Three new plugins were added, ChatReaction, icJukebox, and FeatherBoard. ChatReaction was a way to get chat more engaged. It boasted over 99 thousand words. icJukebox was a note block playing plugin that made them play to the tune of songs. It was enabled by default, and songs could be played with /music.

A new spawn was created by users KingRayRay_Ray and FraisyYT. This spawn was posted to PlanetMinecraft, but was eventually taken down at some point.