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Molly (September 7, 1997 - October 3, 2015), originally named "Marissa" and nicknamed "Molly Dolly," was a black Labrador/Bull Terrier-mix dog owned by Chew's parents.


Molly was adopted in January to February of 1998. Molly was explicitly adopted because she was a "calm dog" and was not making noise. Her adoption paper was the only one turned upside down, due to her being turned down by the prior family. As a result, she was a very quiet dog.


Molly was trained by Chew's dad prior to her birth several hours a day for several years.

Molly would not eat food or pick up off the ground, she had to catch or be given anything, which incentivized her to catch everything as much as she can.


While living in a house with a backyard with no fence, Molly had ran off, chasing something. She was missing for nearly 10 days. Upon her return, her dad ran down the stairs and collected her.

Often, Chew's brother would go and sit on Molly, who would not react.


Throughout the years leading up to her passing, she began to have less tolerance. She started walking into rooms, forgetting why she was there.

She had complications nearing the end of her life. Her vision started going bad, and eventually started going blind and deaf. She could not control her bladder.

A few weeks before her death, Molly ran off to a field down the street. This was most likely due to dogs nearing their end just wanting to be alone. As a result, Chew's family decided a date to put her down, and she was euthanized on October 3rd, 2015.