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Mallory (September 6, 1996 - September 6, 2012) was a brown tabby cat owned by Chew's family. She was adopted by her parents a few years before Chew was born.

On September 6, 2012, her 16th birthday, Mallory passed away after struggling with complications due to old age. Chew's YouTube account's profile picture was set to a picture of Mallory, where it remains today.


In 1996, Mallory was adopted from a PetSmart in Atlanta, Georgia. shortly after her birth. She was very skittish and latched on to Chew's mother. She was put into the hall bathroom on her first night and to give her some space. Some kitty litter was set aside for her. She was given a room to roam about when needed. She wouldn't eat for a few days.


Mallory was extremely shy. To the point where most visitors didn't know they had a cat.

Mallory would not snuggle, she would lay near the couch, but never with a human. She would be fine being picked up by certain people.

She loved to lay under the blanket but above the sheets, and used to hang out in tight places.

Mallory and Molly got along very well. They laid near each other often.


Near the end of her life, Mallory started having digestive issues due to her old age.